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Maple Bacon Summer Sliders

Want to spruce up that boring hamburger/slider? We've got this amazing must try recipe for your summer grilling!

1 pound ground chuck

6 Slices Bacon / halved

1 jar NSC *Maple Sugar BBQ Rub

6 Small Hawaiian Buns for Sliders

1/4 Cup Mayonnaise

1 -2 tablespoons NSC *Sweet Hot Habanero *Replace SHH with Holy! Hamburger to lessen heat if desired

1 Fresh Pineapple (Slice and Finely Chunk 3 full pieces on a plate)

Seasonally fresh vegetable of your choice

Form the ground beef into thin patties (approx 3" in diameter), sprinkle beef patties with Maple Sugar BBQ Rub until desired amount is applied (3-4 shakes per patties) let chill in refrigerator until grill is ready

- Prepare grill

- Prepare bacon (Keep drippings for brushing on the Hawaiian buns)

- Mix together; Mayonnaise, Sweet Hot Habanero, Fresh Pineapple Chunks w/ juices - let chill in refrigerator until sliders are ready to serve

- Grill seasoned patties on prepared grill to desired temperature

- Brush bacon grease on Hawaiian Buns and place on grill for toasting (no longer than 1 min. on indirect heat)

Assembly Spread the Sweet Hot Habanero Pineapple Sauce on the bottom bun. Place the prepared burger on slider bun top with 2 bacon strips (halved) drizzle with a bit more of the Sweet Hot Habanero Pineapple Sauce. Serve with left over fresh pineapple and a seasonally fresh vegetable! Enjoy!!

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