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 Fresh Ingredients and Delightful Blends - Made for you! 

Northern Spice Company’s journey started long before the sale of our very first spice. Our personal mission was and continues to be; to use only the freshest of spices and herbs, centering our meals for family and friends around great taste and the highest of quality.


We offer great taste without the use of harmful MSG or fillers. Every carefully prepared blend will prove to be the blend you are expecting, whether it is the first time you order or your 1000th time, you will be sure to enjoy the fresh flavor and the consistency you have grown to love.

Northern Spice Company’s commitment to stand above the rest is ensured because of our dedication to providing you with a product you will be as excited to share with the ones you love, just as we are!

  • A state of the art mixing and preparation facility allows us to mix fresh daily to

        offer you the freshest of spices.

  • Our website is updated often to make shopping as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • We are committed to researching herbs and spices to bring to your home the

         healthiest of options.


We want to thank you from our home to yours – for sharing in our journey!

From a single spice purchase to a gift set for any occasion……

Enjoy what we have made for YOU!

Dorrett Kata  Spiceologist

Deanna Marsh  Sales & Marketing

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