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Cornell Chicken Marinade Northern Spice Company Style

This fabulous chicken on the grill recipe is a MUST HAVE!! Easy as ONE TWO THREE!!

Fact: Cornell Chicken was the creation of Professor Dr. Rober Baker, who developed a marinade and/or basting sauce back in the 1950s that is a tomato-free vinaigrette, enriched with egg and shot through poultry spice. (A great use of Northern Spice Company Northern Herb No Salt Poultry Seasoning) Slow-cooked over charcoal, the chicken comes off the grill with a gold glaze, its skin delivering a salty punch in a plush glove.

Dr. Cornell was known as the "Edison of the Poultry Industry," he was inducted into the American Poultry Hall of Fame in 2004, two years before his death. --Popular Plates BBQ 2010.

1 large egg

1 cup vegetable oil

2 cups vinegar

3 tablespoons salt

1 tablespoon *NSC Northern Herb Poultry (No Salt)

1 tablespoon *NSC Fresh Ground Smoked Black Pepper

1) Beat the egg well in a medium size bowl. Whisk in all the remaining ingredients. Set aside about a cup of the sauce to use for basting chicken as it cooks.

2) Place washed and patted dry chicken parts in a shallow dish and coat them with the remaining sauce. Cover the dish and refrigerate the chicken for 24 hours.

3) Grill chicken over a charcoal fire, basting frequently.


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