Gift Baskets 


​Our Gift Baskets are available for all occasions with FREE local delivery! We have a variety of pre-made baskets, or you can contact us to choose each item personally and we will assemble for you! 

(Alcohol sold separately.

Special Picks For You 
  • Bulk Spices Available

  • Specialty Orders Available

  • Gift Baskets for all occasions Available

        - Free local delivery

  • Wholesale pricing available for restaurants 

  • Free Shipping on orders over $40

Private Label Anyone?


As a restaurant owner what does your table accessories say about you? Do you have your signature spice on the table to offer your customers? What? Did you just answer NO?


Well, let's do something about that!


Northern Spice Company will mix YOUR signature spice (don't have one? We'll help you create one!) to offer to your customers (Photo, Trista Rank, Owner Cafe 1907, Manistee MI).